Ep 12: Hacker News

An experiment in which a thesis is presented, and then debated by Hans and Eric. The thesis? 1) Fake news is a startup hack that was possible because the news complex was outmoded. 2) The byproduct is the emboldenment of the “Van Halen Generation” and it will wreak havoc for a short while. 3) It’s all going to be OK—because the solution will make someone rich. (They never really get to the last part.)

Ep 11: Creative Gluttony

Everyone knows that focus is the key to mastery—but what if that’s not the only approach? Hans and Eric contemplate the merits of taking on many disparate creative projects. Along the way, they discuss keeping things loose, breaking creative blocks, avoiding meetings, and the promise for tomorrow’s creators. As usual, this podcast goes all over the place, but it was fun for us to put together.   

Ep 10: Ho Ho Ho

After a three month hiatus, Hans and Eric are back—just in time to say Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, or “don’t let your sick kid make dessert for the rest of the family.” This time we talk about holiday expectations, the Christmas spirit, making your own gifts—and other (sort of) festive stuff.

Ep 9: Choosing Your Lens

Most experiences aren’t good or bad. They’re how you perceive them. There’s more to it than that, though. The way you look at a scenario doesn’t only color it; your perspective transforms it. Hans and Eric discuss how lenses change as we age, and ask how one might adopt better—more flexible—ones.

Ep 8: Reunion

When Eric finished high school, he left town, burned his annuals, and was grateful to never have to go back. 25 years later, some classmates are gearing up for a reunion. In spite of how he once felt, Eric’s curious to go back—but has some reservations he just can’t shake.


Ep 7: Bringing Home the Bacon

Most creative work doesn’t get the audience, or reception, it should. Maybe this is because we’re under the misimpression that if we make something great, the world will pound a path to our front door. Hans and Eric talk about what it takes to make a buck, the need to connect with an audience, and whether doing these things might make you a sell out.

Ep. 6: The Idea Machine

Want to paint, record a song, or write a book? If so, you’ve likely struggled with ideas. In this episode, we look at how creativity gets stymied by preciousness and ego. We also start a drinking game, get soapy, and listen to Eric apologize for some of the stupid things he’s said. 

Ep. 5: It Can’t be Nashville Every Night

Since 1984, Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip have mesmerized Canadians with their stories of Bill Barilko, Bobcaygeon, and butts wigglin’. Hans and Eric share what it all means to them, while recounting memories of rabbit ears, motorcycle trips, and how Eric gets paranoid when he’s high.

Ep. 4: Trumped

There’s no shortage of commentary about Donald Trump and his strange ascension in the American presidential race. What made this possible, though? Hans and Eric ruminate on a Trump-conducive environment. They also break their favourite toys, contemplate Juggalo miracles, and ask everyone to love their neighbours.

Ep. 3: The Common Narrative

We want new things. We trim our hedges. We complain about Mondays. But why? Are these in fact topics that matter to us, or do we feel kinship in these shared experiences? Today we talk about common narratives, disenfranchised workers, and the neighbour who narced on Hans’ unmowed lawn.

Ep. 2: Death in the Time of Facebook

It seems like everyone’s dying… but are they? Could it be that in The Facebook Era, we’re simply more aware of passings? In this episode, we ask how social media is changing our perceptions of death. Along the way, we stumble into discussions about infidelity, “Mom jewelry,” and lamentations on not being able to gossip with dead people.

Ep. 1: Hubris and Stupidity

In this, the very first episode of the Kerfuffle, we (Hans and Eric) start by asking what our podcast should be about—and why we should create one in the first place. Along the way we talk about pit parties, da dam ting, and how everything is “meta” if you’re a teenager.